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A legal struggle with Northern Ireland's ban on gay marriageApr 11, 2013

Not including gays but gay civil partnership ceremony for the first time was in Belfast. Amnesty and the Rainbow Project say it is inevitable that the LGBT community will use the Human Rights Act and European human rights legislation to force Northern Ireland to bring the law into line with Britain...

A United IrelandMar 26, 2012

The Good Friday Agreement realized the SDLP’s vision of an Agreed Ireland. But, as a nationalist party, the SDLP’s goal has not only been to secure an Agreed Ireland, but also to go further and achieve a United Ireland.

Our vision of a United Ireland respects the same commitments that lie at the heart of the Good Friday Agreement. In the United Ireland to which we are committed, all the Agreement’s principles and protections would endure...

SDLP: Deputy attacks Leader over ‘poverty’ pay campaignFeb 25, 2012

we reported how Alasdair McDonnell’s Save Politicians from Poverty Appeal had provoked the Mayor of Lisburn, Brian Heading, to publicly criticize his party leader. That provoked a stinging rebuttal by Alasdair McDonnell.

Today, the SDLP Deputy Leader, Dolores Kelly, has publicly criticised Alasdair McDonnell over the issue, stating that she was “astonished” and “deeply unhappy” with her party leader’s comments...