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Northern Ireland youth welfare organizations become the beneficiary of Big Lottery Fund31 MAY 2013

According to the BBC news reports, two public interest organizations in County Londonderry, UK recently received nearly £ 900,000 of Big Lottery funding as a grant. The fund focused on two projects with young people,One of them is Something Special Charity. The organization will receive approximately £ 480,000 subvention.

The funds will be mainly used for "Tuned-In" project. The project is committed to helping those suffering from learning disabilities and young people leaving school. The project aims to prevent them from dropping out of school. The project targets young people between 14-20 years old. The project will recruit volunteers through the organization of dance, concert or arts festivals and other activities to stimulate musical and artistic talent with learning disabilities. It will also help them restore confidence, build self-esteem and enhance their employability.

How Much Every Welfare Cutting List Have Influenced the Thousands of FamilyApr 11, 2013

The government's reform of welfare started in 2010. But the six come into effect on or after 1 April include some of the biggest and most high profile cuts, such as the Bedroom Tax, the household welfare cap, and the abolition of council tax benefit. These new reforms will take £2.3bn a year out of the pockets of some of Britain's poorest households in 2013-14 alone.

The list of 42 benefit changes, compiled by the charity Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG), gives a clear sense of the vast scale and complexity of the Coalition's welfare reform program, which is aimed at saving £18bn a year from the social security budget by 2015...

SDLP urges support for Primark workersMar 26, 2012

SDLP Group Leader on Belfast City Council Cllr Tim Attwood has urged people to support Primark workers in their campaign for fairer pay.

Thu 15th March

Cllr Attwood, who will join workers on the picket line at Belfast’s Primark store tomorrow, said:

“Low paid Primark employees are coming to the end of a three year pay freeze and are simply looking a pay increase in line with inflation...

Welfare cuts hitting Strabane’s most vulnerableMar 5, 2012

Mon 5th March 2012

SDLP Strabane District Councillor Patsy Kelly has said he is deeply concerned by an influx of local residents reporting to him that their Family Tax Credit is to be cut with some being asked to repay money from last year.

Cllr Kelly said: “A worrying number of people are coming to me saying that their Family Tax Credit is being cut altogether and some have been contacted with a view to repaying monies already issued, as they have been informed they were overpaid...