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Durkan calls for meaningful agreement on climate changeMar 5, 2012

SDLP leader and Foyle MP Mark Durkan has written to the Foreign Secretary David Miliband and the Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband at the beginning of summit negotiations in Copenhagen to stress the necessity of achieving meaningful agreement on tackling climate change.

Tue 8th December,2009

Mr Durkan said:"Since 2005, I have been working persistently in Parliament for an ambitious and robust Climate Change Bill – which was enacted earlier this year – and described by the United Nations as both ‘bold and innovative’.

"This new Climate Change Act was the first attempt by any government through law to create binding legal targets on carbon emissions and to establish a carbon budget, which is essential if we are to control the real impact of global warming.

"I welcome that efforts have been made to promote similar measures to other EU governments. Similarly, this approach should be extended through and beyond Copenhagen to stimulate sound and realizable statutory frameworks worldwide.

"The essential nature of such a programme, based on effectively bold targets of at least 40% by 2020 and 80% by 2050, was recently emphasised by the Stern report which stated that temperatures will rise beyond 2 C unless governments adopt much greater emissions reduction targets.

"There is also a clear need for European Union governments to take a strong lead in proposing and securing appropriate levels of financial assistance to help developing countries mitigate and adapt to climate change.

"Closer to home, this region must also play its part. For this reason, I would like to see a Renewable Energy Plan for Northern Ireland. We could make a positive start by encouraging micro-generation from renewable sources by providing financial incentives such as rates rebates and fee-free planning applications."