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Peter Robinson: Sinn Fein Incompatible SDLPNov. 14, 2012

Peter Robinson accused Sinn Fein of being limited to the SDLP, which caused the party to react angrily. He rounded on both nationalist parties in a impassioned speech. In addition to offending Sinn Fein, he said the SDLP was in "terminal decline". In return, Sinn Fein accused him of returning to "us and them" politics.

The First Minister was speaking at the annual dinner of the DUP's Blossomhill Branch in Co Tyrone. He said: "Even though they only have one minister in the Executive and 14 MLAs, the SDLP's capacity to unnerve Sinn Fein is quite considerable. Too often Alex Attwood's position one day is Sinn Fein's the next. Or worse still, a fear of what the SDLP will say or do can often paralyse their ability to take decisions," he argued...

Upcoming Exhibition of Belfast History in the City HallOct. 24, 2012

The upcoming decade of historic centenaries are being featured in a new exhibition. The anniversaries will commemorate a century since the signing of the Ulster Covenant, the Easter Rising, the War of Independence and the foundation of Northern Ireland. This is supposed to be an interactive exhibition. The theme is known to be 'Shared History - Different Allegiances'. It mainly focuses on important events that took place in the period between 1910s.

The exhibition features the events for and against Home Rule, the signing of the Ulster Covenant, the development of the volunteer armies, gun running, the suffrage movement and the Gaelic revival. Visitors will be able to experience life at the time through photographs and documentary films...

Halt One Direction concert ticket re-sales: SDLPFeb. 25, 2012

The SDLP's Pat Ramsey has called on Trading Standards to investigate the online re-sale of One Direction concert tickets at inflated prices.

He said tickets for the band's Belfast gig had gone on sale on Saturday morning and been "sold out very quickly".

Mr. Ramsey said that within a few hours the tickets were "up for sale on social media sites at exorbitant prices".

He said he been contacted by a number of constituents about the matter.